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Here are some frequently asked questions about pest control and termite related matters.


  • Does all Pest Technicians need to be licensed?
    Yes. To become a Pest Technician, most will need to complete an accreditation course from an registered RTO organisation and then they are required to undergo a number of work experience from a licensed company or operator, prior to obtaining their licence from the Department of Queensland Health.
  • How often do I need to get my pest control done?
    It depends. If your property is heavily infested with unwanted pests, then you will need to get a pest control completed every 6 to 12 month or sooner in worse case scenario.
  • How often do I need to get a termite inspection done?
    Generally every 12 month. It is highly recommended to have the termite inspection completed sooner, if there is no termite management system (aka termite barrier) installed at your property.
  • How much does it cost to get a termite inspection done?
    Generally, a termite inspection could range between $230 or more depending on the size of your property or whether a controlling agent needs to be applied to treat live termites.
  • How much does it cost to get a pest control done?
    Generally, a pest control could range between $175 or more depending on the size of your property, areas to be treated or other additional services that are not part of the general pest control offers, for example: installing rodent stations, treating wasps, treating bed bugs and etc.
  • Are the chemicals used for pest control safe around kids, pests and the elderly?"
    Yes. we use premium products that are highly rated and recommended in the Pest Industry. Our Pest Technicians are highly trained and will always follow strict guidelines and product labels to ensure the safety of everyone and non-targeted species, when conducting pest control service at your property.
  • Does the chemicals have any odour?
    Generally no as per the product labels.
  • Do I get a warranty when I get my pest control done?
    Yes. Depending on your selected pest control service, you will be offered a 3 to 12 month warranty to spot treat the area/s where you still find pests.
  • What is the difference between a White Ant and a Termite?
    None. They are both the same. Termites are commonly known as white ants. Also, they are not related to ants as their features are completely different and termites are in actual fact part of the cockroach family.
  • What do I do if I find live termites?
    Do not distrub them as it may chase them away elsewhere. It is highly recommended that you contact us straight away for us to come out and treat them.
  • How long does a Termite Management System (aka Termite Barrier) last after installation?
    At Total Guard Pest and Termite Control, we offer up to 8 years. With other installers, we recommend you contact them to find out.
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