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Simple household remedies for your DIY pest control

Are looking for some homemade remedies to control your pest problems in and around your home?
Here are some helpful tips to get you started:

  1. Grounded coffee - excellent to deter ants from your house. If you are a heavy coffee drinker, then this is a perfect remedy for you. Place your leftovers grounded coffee to the external areas where you find ants entering into your home and give it time; ants will eventually go elsewhere.

  2. Apple Cider Vinegar - fruit flies are a pest, especially if you got fruits on display on your kitchen bench. Grab a small bowl and fill it about half the bowl with the apple cider vinegar then add 2 teaspoons of dish-washing liquid to the mix and watch the flies dip into their death.

  3. Onions - if spiders are scaring your kids? Try cutting a few slices of onions and place it in a small bowl of half filled water to the areas where the spiders are located or maybe entering. Then sit back and relax, they will be gone in no time from those areas.

These tips should be used as a guide only for short term remedy of your pest problems and it may not work for everyone. We strongly recommend that you always seek our professional help to deal with all of your pest problems.



Termites are social insects that build their colonies in soil, wood, tree and in some cases in buildings. They belong to a group of insect order "Isoptera" which is of the cockroach ancestry rather than the true ants group order "Hymenoptera". Commonly termites are referred to as "white ants". In Australia, there is approximately 360 species of termites and only a handful of them are destructive to our homes and businesses.  The majority of them are contributing to our ecosystem as they act as a recycler for dead timbers and other plant-based materials. 

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Like termites, ants are social insects. They work together to gather food, hunt and defend their territory. Their food source varies from sugars, proteins, fats and oils. They are a nuisance to humans when they enter buildings and make their nest inside homes and businesses. They also bring dirt and contaminate human's foods and potentially bring germs and bacteria, which is found in some species of ants. Normally, ants are considered harmless and mostly can be found outdoors in soil areas. In Australia, there is approximately 1,300 known ant species but only a few are considered household pests and dangerous to other living creatures.  

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Rats and mice are considered serious pests to humans as they eat our stored food and leave germs behind. Some rodents are known to carry diseases and can be lethal to humans if they contaminate human's foods or worst bite their victims. They are a pest to humans as they gnaw on almost anything, such as; electrical cables, furniture, clothes, plastic bags, paper boxes and insulation materials. They sometimes cause fire to people's homes and businesses due to their bad behaviour known as gnawing where they chew through electrical wires that cause fire. In Australia there is approximately 60 known native species and they can be found almost anywhere from inside buildings, outdoors, forests and sewer. Rodents eat almost anything ranging from meat, grain, rice, eggs, fruits, vegetables, and pet foods. It is also known that they sometimes feed on their babies if their food source is limited. They are a creature of habits and are extremely sensitive to their surroundings and tend to avoid new objects placed in their territory. Their eyesight is poor but they have highly developed senses of hearing, touch, scent and taste. Rodents are an extremely good climber and swimmer and mice can get into a small hole the size of an Australian's 5 cents coin.
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Spiders are not insects but in fact are arachnids. Their close relatives are scorpions, mites, ticks and harvestmen. They have 8 legs and fangs that can inject lethal venom to kill their preys. In Australia, there is approximately 10,000 species but only 3600 named. Some common spider species found in Australians' households are huntsman, daddy long legs and garden orb-weavers. The most deadliest spider in Australia is the Sydney Funnel-Web. They are found in people's backyards and sometimes swimming pools. Their fangs are known to be larger than a brown snake and can pierce through nails and toenails. 

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