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Curious Spider


Total Guard Pest Control is pleased to offer all clients a 12 month Service Free Period for most pests around the home or business.

Standard Service Free Periods

Cockroaches* and Silverfish

12 months


6 months


6 months

**No service free period for German cockroach**

**For Ants and Spiders, the Service Free Period will be 6 months for internal and 3 months external depending on the environment and the client executing our recommendations. For example, the properties located near dense forest, where they are likely to have higher pests activity level than those of a Suburban area. Also, properties that have poor hygiene issues or those hoarding items limiting treatment zone*


Ants can be difficult to eradicate completely, even when their nests have been eliminated, there is a high chance another will take over the empty nests at some point in future. The chemical manufacturers guarantee 3 months protection for the use of their chemicals in the fight against ants. Therefore, external ant treatments will only carry a 3 month Service Free Period due to the complexity of the control. Internal ants’ treatments will carry a 6 month Service Free Period, if all conditions are met and no environmental conditions to factor.


As for spiders, they are another pest that can be difficult to eradicate completely due to the nature of how they use their webs to travel around.  Some spiders use their web as a means of transport which can avoid coming in to contact with the surfaces where the chemicals have been sprayed.


We believe that explaining the Service Free Periods up-front to our clients about different insects help resolve any misunderstandings in future.


Remember, there is no treatment that is bulletproof, and prevention is the cure! Frequent pest control service will assist in the reduction of your pest issues in the future.


Our Service Free Periods does not cover (or becomes void if):

• Recommended action is not taken (i.e.: at the time of service, the technician tells you to clean the property of debris to stop infestation and this is not done);

• The return of a small number of insects (we only cover a repeat infestation);

• Pest occurrences within 5 days of the treatment (as pests can take up to 5 days to die off);

• Termites;

• German cockroach;

• Wasps;

• Rodents;

• Flying insects;

• Bed bugs; and

• Any other non-common domestic pests such as: scales, booklice (psocids), earwigs, crickets, millipedes etc.

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